Music of The Spheres – A Collaborative Audiovisual Playing Enviroment for Children

Music of the Spheres

Music of the Spheres (MOTS) installation is production part of my master’s thesis for Aalto University School of Art and Design – department of Media in the unit of Media Lab. It was created in collaboration with Daniel Vester and additional GUI consultation was carried by Anna Salmi. The installation was presented publicly first time […]

Interactive Sound for Maisa and Kaarina Exhibition

Maisa and Kaarina Exhibition

In this posting is represented one of my earliest works within context of Interactive Sound. The production was realized for Maisa and Kaarina 20th Anniversary Exhibition held at the Design Museum Helsinki. Exhibition was open during 1 February to 31 April 2007. TunnelVision designed and produced two interactive sound installations; Carnivorous Plant and Cloud Instrument respectively. […]

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