Cinematic Sound Design for Exposure Time Animation

Exposure Time Animation was realized in spring 2006. The animation is Leonidas Kambiselis’s final thesis work to Media Lab Helsinki. You may look the video through following video (Video 1).

Video 1: Exposure Animation.

Pre and Post Production

Sound Design process was divided in two design states; pre-production and post-production. Pre-production consist of discussion with the director, creating sound lists and sound visualizations and delivering the initial demo sounds. The purpose of the pre-production was to study aesthetic decisions, specially focusing on structure of the narration, visual form language and inner motives experienced by the main character. In the following diagram 1 visualization for sounds and music for scene one are described.

Exposure Animation TimelineDiagram 1: Sound Narration Visualization: Representation of the sounds and music in scene one.

After the agreement of sound guidelines, final versions of the sounds were created in Post-production state. Post-production consist of mixing and mastering Foley and sound effects, ambience sounds and music materials together.

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