Making Sense of Complexity in Coding


I often find new programming paradigms hard to learn. Therefore, supportive tools easing out the learning curve are always welcome. Recently I have been adapting JUCE C++ framework for my sound and interaction design needs. In order to use JUCE librariers, some understanding of C++ is required as well as skills to interpret JUCE API […]

Juce Framework – The Introjucer GUI Editor


This post describes the workflow I discovered while exploring the Introjucer IDE. According to the Developers of Juce – Raw Material Software Ltd. – the purpose of the Introjucer is simplify the process of building across multiple platforms. You may see more information of the Juce from here. Here is the workflow. 1. Create Juce […]

Open PD Files(s) on Startup Flag


I would like to share a workflow I find useful in my PD development. Opening desired files on startup is convenient way to gain developer productivity. Startup flags can be accessed through PD’s properties dialog. In figure 1 is presented how the open flag (-open ) is linked to RTC-library file. The file contains several […]

Designing and Writing Pure Data Externals


I have been working with Pure Data for some time and I feel quite confident working with the environment. Patching together ready made objects provides a good starting point for realizing most of audio ambitions. I am quite sure I could spend next ten years learning how to use all the objects available in the […]

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