AER – Wearable Technology and Auditive Representation


Aer is an interactive installation which enables the participant to explore the act of breathing through the use of wearable technology and auditive representation. A prototype version of a garment that is capable of converting breathing pattern information into sound through a computer was developed. The wearable is designed to embody and sensorially express breathing […]

Aesthetics in Spatial Audio and Generative Sound Design

Energy Land Technologies

Lately, I have been exploring spatial sound and generative sound design strategies. These research activities have taken place within the research context of University of Tampere, School of Information Sciences in the unit of TAUCHI. In this post I shed light on some of my research activities during the first half of this year. Research […]

Cinematic Sound Design for Exposure Time Animation

Exposure Animation

Exposure Time Animation was realized in spring 2006. The animation is Leonidas Kambiselis’s final thesis work to Media Lab Helsinki. You may look the video through following video (Video 1). Video 1: Exposure Animation. Pre and Post Production Sound Design process was divided in two design states; pre-production and post-production. Pre-production consist of discussion with […]

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