AER – Wearable Technology and Auditive Representation

Aer is an interactive installation which enables the participant to explore the act of breathing through the use of wearable technology and auditive representation. A prototype version of a garment that is capable of converting breathing pattern information into sound through a computer was developed. The wearable is designed to embody and sensorially express breathing related meanings: ephemerality, connectedness and duality. Breathing caught between the voluntary and the involuntary –a peculiar phenomenon of life, indeed.

AER - The Device

Figure 1. AER: the device


Figure 2. AER: performance setup


Working Group

– Anna Salmi (project management, concept design, visual design)
– Matti Luhtala (electronics design, programming, sound design,
video documentation)
– Daniel Vester (industrial design, 3D modeling, stereolitography)
– Emilia Hakkarainen (fashion & clothing design)
– Jari Suominen (electronics design)
– Saija Lentonen (voice over artist)
– Katja Nyman (photography)

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